Top 10 Things to Do in Hurghada
Things to Do in Hurghada

So you want to know more about THE most popular things to do in Hurghada. The constantly expanding city of Hurghada and the entire Red Sea Riviera is never short of things to do, places to see and people to meet.

A one week holiday at any one of the Red Sea destinations is never quite enough to cram in all the things to do in Hurghada and find time to just chill out on a sun drenched beach.

Holidaymakers to Egypt have recommended these activities and attractions as the most enjoyable. So when you get there try out some of the top rated things to do in Hurghada listed below to get the most out of your Egyptian adventure.

Top 10 Things to do in Hurghada

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Diving and Snorkelling in the Red Sea

This activity takes pride of place as the No.1 thing to do in Hurghada. Holidaymakers and divers from every corner of the earth flock to the beaches of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh to see for themselves the amazing diversity of marine life. If diving is not for you, snorkelling with turtles or dolphins is truely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

There are now well over 100 diving centres and numerous PADI diving courses in the Red Sea area, offering what always turns out to be an unforgettable memory for those who have never tried scuba diving as well as the experienced diver.

The so-called “try-dive” is a short introductory program designed to give the inexperienced diver the basics of scuba diving and discover first hand why everybody is talking about the vibrant underwater world of the Red Sea.

Souk Shopping in the Traditional Old Markets of Egypt

This is one shopping experience you won’t want to miss! The souk in Hurghada allows you to delve into real Egyptian life. Located in downtown Hurghada, known as Ad-Dahar, is a network of main roads and tiny alleys where you can find virtually everything, from tourist souvenirs to fresh produce from the Nile valley, to stalls selling typical Egyptian food and skilled tailors who will make a traditional gallabiya for you in just one day.

You’ll also find impressive gold and silver jewellers, as well as, henna tattoo artists, papyrus, glass, alabaster, brass and copper crafts all displayed out in the open air filled with the fragrance of hundreds of spices.

Don’t forget – when you’re shopping in the old markets, remember that it’s the custom to haggle with the shopkeeper about the price (politely but firmly) along with accepting a cup of traditional mint tea which most shops offer to their customers.

Dance the Night Away at Beach Party Barbeques

The young and energetic rate this as their No. 1 thing to do in Hurghada. Beach parties till dawn have been a tradition in Hurghada since way back when the town was a quiet sleepy outpost for only a few specialized diving tour operators.

As we all know, a good beach party involves a beautiful sandy beach, (naturally) plus a big bonfire, a barbecue, a good sound system, loads of chilled beer and wine, millions of stars and plenty of barefoot dancing feet.

These days the beach parties in Hurghada also include fire acrobats, live bands, performing dancers, light shows, famous DJs performing live and much more.

Submarine Tour of the Red Sea Coral Reefs

For those who prefer to stay dry but still want to discover the rich and vibrant underwater marine life of the Red Sea, this yellow submarine is an unique experience.

A half day journey with “Captain Nemo” to see with your own eyes what Jacques Costeau dubbed an underwater paradise. This little submarine can carry up to 44 passengers and dives down to approximately 22m underwater. Tickets and departure are from Sindbad Beach Resort, South Corniche, Hurghada, or check with your tour operator.

Desert Jeep Safari Tours including a Camel Ride

Another highlight for your holiday in Hurghada is without doubt a desert trip. It’s a must see and do on your trip. When you head out from the bustling city, a vast expanse of sand, rocks, mountains and secluded oases, opens out before your very eyes. This is the land of the Bedouins, one of the most fascinating places on earth. The safaris can usually be experienced either on a half-day or a full day basis.

There are various ways to visit these natural sandy sanctuaries (all of which are very exciting). The most popular are the desert jeep safari tours, followed by a camel ride once you reach your destination and rounded off with dinner under the desert stars. Perfect!

Tropical Giftun Island Boat Trip

Giftun Island, is one of several beautiful islands in the area. It’s a coppery desert island easily reachable by boat in just in 1 hour and is visible from the entire 40km length of the Hurghada coastline.

Part of the Red Sea Islands National Park, it boasts the most beautiful tropical-like beaches in the area. Only recently, special permission from the governorate has allowed the establishment of a couple of beach bars and restaurants: a must for all who visits this region. Most diving centres and tour operators offer a full day excursion to this island paradise.

This day trip should definitely be on your list of top 10 things to do in Hurghada. A day spent snorkelling on the outstanding coral reefs around the island, followed by lounging on soft, white sandy beaches or swimming in the turquoise lagoons makes an unforgettable experience and the kids will definitely love it too!

Kite Surfing in Clear Blue Lagoons

It’s the coolest water sport around. Kite surfing guarantees a rush that will keep you coming back for more of this high adrenaline water sport. Kite surfing is rapidly gaining popularity in Hurghada and the Red Sea Riviera due to the perfect year-round weather offering virtually permanent wind and endless sunny days. Hurghada beaches are ideal for all water sports.

Dine at a Beduoin Village under the Desert Sky

Another popular way to experience the desert is with the adrenaline-pumping quad bikes or 4 wheel motorbikes designed for bumpy off road terrain followed by a truely memorable experience dining with authentic Bedouin villagers. Watch and learn as they demonstrate how they use time honoured methods to prepare their traditional meals.

It’s compulsory to explore the area with an organised excursion for your own safety. All tour operators and hotels offer a selection of desert safaris including night time safaris which finish with a great barbecue under the stars.

Discover Some of the Oldest Monasteries in the World
The Monasteries of St. Paul & St. Anthony

Hidden deep in the Eastern Desert mountains, approximately 200km north of Hurghada, lie the two monasteries which founded Christian monasticism. Built in the IV century AD, these monasteries are a must see for ALL history buffs. These monasteries are where Christian Coptic monks still observe rituals that have hardly changed in 16 centuries.

Delve into the Past of the Ancient Roman Ruins of Mons Claudianus

This is an archaeological site, which dates back to when Egypt was a province of the Roman Empire (from 30 BC to 641 AD), situated at around an hour and half drive south west of Hurghada on the road from Safaga to Qena.

At Mons Claudianus you can visit the granite mines, the largest and best preserved Roman site in the Eastern Desert, which once housed thousands of soldiers and quarrymen. The Pantheon, Hadrian’s Villa and the Temple of Venus in Rome are all locations where the beautified blocks and columns of granite were taken directly from Mons Claudianus.

Most tour operators offer an excursion to this fascinating site, but it can also be reached by renting a taxi for the day. If you choose to go with a taxi, stop on your way back for a swim and a snack in the beautiful beach of Sharm el Naga.

And as if that wasn’t enough choice, there are even more things to do in Hurghada and exceptional sights worth seeing.

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