Restaurants in Luxor
Restaurants in Luxor

Lunch and snacks

For a snack in town you have a choice of Nile-side restaurants along the lower Corniche, a few restaurants around the market and a group of restaurants behind the temple.

If you want a Nile-side meal on the East Bank we have a marginal preference for El Kebabgy, opposite the Old Winter Palace, but none of them is particularly good or good value. For a better value, low cost, snack on the East Bank, but without the Nile-side views, Hamees and Sindbad are next to each other, behind Luxor Temple, not far from McDonalds. If you are in the market, the relocated Jamboree offers an interesting view of the hassle below but from a safe distance, although the food is not particularly good.

We think it is worth crossing the Nile and trying a restaurant on the West Bank, such as the roof of Nile Valley hotel or, if you are happy with a rough and ready small restaurant with unbeatable views, for a drink and light snack, go to the Nile View or Tut-ankh-amon restaurants along the edge of the Nile.

Fast food

McDonalds is behind Luxor Temple in the centre of town. We used to prefer Snacktime, almost next door, because it offers more variety, excellent prices and terrific views, but the quality there has not kept up so McDonald’s can be a safer bet these days.

At the other end of town, KFC is by the roundabout just beyond the Isis hotel. There are plenty of local pizza restaurants, especially along Television Street

Evening meal

For a special occasion go to the 1886 restaurant in the Old Winter Palace. Smart dress is essential, although they are not currently insisting on tie and jacket. Food and service are not faultless (to be frank they can be disappointing for the price) but go early, enjoy the Victoria Lounge and Royal Bar as well as the silver service meal for an evening of opulence.

Go to Sofra, near the station, for a good, cheap egyptian meal in colonial surroundings or to Jewel of the Nile for an egyptian meal that is as good, using better quality ingredients, but without the Sofra’s colonial character.

For ‘western’ quality with economy, international choices from several food cultures, and excellent presentation, we suggest Aisha. It is relatively new (May 2013) and doesn’t yet have the following of restaurants that have been around for years longer, but you will find good food and excellent value.

For a first class meal, without the opulence of the Old Winter Palace but with top class food and service, we choose Snobs, in El Roda El Sharefa St, opposite the Lotus hotel (just past the Sonesta) or for a good meal in an English owned and managed restaurant Lantern has a loyal following, although we find it cramped and service can be extremely slow.

Meals from other Cultures

In your home country you probably try meals from other cultures, so why not on holiday too? There is a Korean restaurant just past the Isis roundabout, towards the Sheraton. There are several restaurants serving Indian food, of which the Taste of India is the most popular. The same restaurant also now provides an excellent Thai menu. Miyako is a Japanese restaurant in the Sonesta and there are several Italian restaurants, of which two worth trying are Zigolini in the Jolie Ville hotel and Pizza in St. Joseph Street. Of several restaurants offering Chinese cuisine, we used to like the original Dragon, but nothing has really come up to the same standard since it closed. You could choose a Chinese meal from the menu of an international restaurant.

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