Ras Mohammed National Park
Red Sea Cruise

Ras Mohammed National Park: The Finest Marine Park in Sinai and The Red Sea

Ras Mohammed National Park became Egypt’s first marine National Park way back in 1989. Covering the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula just 12 miles south of Sharm El Sheikh. It’s rich underwater world has a vast expanse of reefs with a healthy sprinkling of vibrant corals and sponges that make this well preserved region one of the most desirable destinations in the world for diving and snorkelling.

While you’re exploring this underwater world it’s not uncommon to spot turtles, barracuda and manta rays amongst other unusual creatures, and it’s always an absolute thrill. At ground level Ras Mohammed Park has plenty more to offer with gazelles, ibexes, desert foxes and a magnificent display of bird life including herons, ospreys and storks.

With an ever increasing volume of tourists every year, it’s vital that the natural balance of the Park’s environment is protected from the type of damage often caused by over development. Massive efforts have gone into preserving this area. No hotels are to be built here and restrictions have to be made on the number of dive boats allowed into the area on a daily basis.