My Vacation in Hurghada
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A couple friends of mine went to Hurghada, Egypt last year for holidays. I was a little skeptical when they were planning their trip and had asked them that why would they want to travel to a far away, totally different country when we have tons of beach resorts and destinations inside the United States?

Their reply was that it was going to different and they wanted to experience that. When they came back, I visited them for dinner so that we could catch up on the two weeks. Oh my God! Did they have some wonderful stories to tell or what?

The resort, the beaches, and the food were all superb. They did tons of exciting stuff like snorkeling and scuba diving, visited many market places and best of all, saw two of the oldest monasteries in the world.

Hurghada Tours

The night life was simply amazing and they even had the good fortune of going desert jeep safari. The entire experience was very removed from a typical American beach holiday. Also, the different and spicy cuisine experience and the culture change was quite a pleasant experience.

Of course, language sometimes proved to be a bit of a bother, but a majority of the Egyptians do understand and converse in English.

They also ate at a shabby little tent restaurant run by Bedouins in the middle of the desert. The food was delicious and the hospitality was exemplary!

They bought me a beautiful wall hanging for my house which had camels embroidered on it in earth color threads. It was really a piece of art.