It all depends on what excursions you are going to attend.

If this is a boat trip, you must always bring swimsuits, a towel, sun protection products, hats, mask tubes (if they are not included in the price), photo and video equipment.

On historical excursions, you need to shoe comfortable shoes, wear light and comfortable clothes, take hats, glasses, water, photo and video equipment.

If excursions involve night crossings, do not forget: warm clothes, a pillow for comfort, rations and water.

Some excursions require a passport (especially those that suggest crossing the border).

It is advisable to dress conservatively when visiting churches and mosques. For men do not wear shorts and as for woman do not wear any thing short unless on the beach or by the pool. This will save you unwanted attention. If you are traveling in the summer loose, light cotton clothing is absolutely essential. Don’t forget to bring with you your sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, and a hat.