Egyptian holidays | fun in the sun
Egyptian holidays, fun in the sun

Ancient Egyptian holidays were usually celebrated with festivals praising the sun gods, as Pharaohs and their people engaged in paganistic ritual that seems fascinating to the modern mind.

Modern holidays in Egypt are very different, gone are the animal sacrifices, Pharaohs and sun worship, and in their place are pristine be.aches, bustling cities, marketplaces, and wonderful Egyptian holidays all inclusive. Over recent years, Egypt’s profile as a holiday destination has been on the rise, it has always been a place frequented by those seeking culture and history, but these days it is visited by a wide range of holidaymakers, young and old, adventurous and sedate, budget and extravagant.

The country’s infrastructure makes it possible for all of these people to co-exist and get exactly what they want from their holiday break, be it peace and tranquillity or hustle and bustle, Egypt has everything you could ever need. Cairo is on a par with the best international capitals around the world with everything from the most exclusive restaurants, boutiques and malls, to some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world. In addition, Cairo is only the jump off point to explore a country that will leave you wanting more.

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Egyptian holidays all inclusive

For some people, going on holiday is their chance to do nothing while being pampered and having every whim catered for. For this type of people, Egyptian holidays all inclusive provide a dream come true. All you need to do is sit by the pool, eat, drink and be merry. Many people wishing for these breaks combine trips to the ancient historic sites with these luxury breaks by taking day trips to ancient sites and these trips can be covered in the original all inclusive price, with some resorts.

Egyptian holidays 2020/2021 are cheaper than ever, with the upheaval, which took place there in February 2021 lowering the cost of everything and making the place a much friendlier and freer place to visit as an extra bonus. All inclusive packages mean that you do not need to consider extra outlay once you have paid for the initial package. This gives the additional peace of mind of not having to carry cash with you, as well as avoiding the need to budget or have a nasty surprise waiting on the doorstep when you get home in the form of a hefty credit card bill.


Egyptian holidays for all the family

Egypt is the jewel of the Nile, the country in North Africa, which has the most tourists every year, and also a deeply spiritual and ancient country. That so many tourists visit the country every year is no coincidence, the country is renowned for its hospitality, great service and safety. Unlike some other countries in the region, Egypt has a very low crime rate and people there generally speak great English. Whether you are on a luxury 5 star trip, or if you are searching for the mystique of the past with ancient Egyptian holidays, you are sure to be satisfied with your experience.

Egyptian holidays 2020/2021 have proven especially exiting too, as the air of happiness which has followed the revolution has made this a country filled with hope and enthusiasm, meaning that an already wonderful destination has just got even better with one step closer to perfection. Ancient or modern, this is a country which will leave you wanting more, no matter how long you choose to spend here.


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