Egypt Transportation
Egypt Transportation

Aircraft – the most expensive, most uncomfortable, albeit the fastest mode of transport in Egypt.

Approximate transfer prices between cities of Egypt by plane (in dollars):

  • Cairo – Aswan = 200
  • Cairo-Aswan-Cairo = 400
  • Cairo – Luxor = 240
  • Cairo – Luxor – Cairo = 480
  • Aswan – Luxor = 200

Taxis are an expensive form of transport by Egyptian standards. Tip for Hurghada: Do not negotiate a price in advance. Arrive where you should, get out of the car and give through the window how much you will not mind. Usually it is 10-20 points. If the driver is not satisfied, do not pay attention to his screams, but go about your business. If you decide to negotiate, then bargain, then you can lower the price of moving by 2-3 times.

In Cairo, when traveling in the city center, you can meet 30 pounds, you will be taken to the airport for 100 pounds from the center, and 170 pounds from the center to the pyramids. In Alexandria, a trip, for example, from Midan Ramle Square in Montazy will cost no more than 20 pounds, in Luxor and Aswan a trip through the city will cost a maximum of 10-20 pounds.

Shuttle taxis also exist in the country, usually Peugeot cars. But they travel around the country irregularly and most often over short distances.

A rental car will cost more than in other resort countries. Before signing any papers, inspect the car completely: they may slip you on purposefully uncorrected, the breakdown of which you will pay for upon return. If at all you will return on it. Car insurance must be included. And you must have an international driver’s license.

When paying by credit card, collateral is not required. A liter of Tisse gasoline (with an octane rating of 90) costs about 8.50 Egyptian pounds.

Order cars in Cairo:
Europ-car / Interrent, phone: 02 / 3-47-47-12 (from 4 to 20 hours) or 3-03-61-32; Hertz, telephone 347-41-72 or 3-44-66-27.

Price list of Lisa Rent a car:

  • Fiat Shahin, Subaru, Cuzuki Suift – $ 40 per 100 km
  • Kia, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Carolla – $ 60 per 100 km
    Over 100 km – +1 pound per km

Price List Alex Limousine

  • Renault Clio 41-43 dollars per day, + 7 dollars insurance, + 0.2 dollars / km
  • Toyota Carolla 55-58 dollars a day
  • Opel-Vectra 64-68 dollars per day, + 0.3 dollars / km
  • Jeep Cherokee 76-80 dollars per day, + 10 dollars insurance
  • Mercedes 200 93-98 dollars per day, + 12 dollars insurance, + 0.4 dollars / km

Bus. It is unlikely that you will need them, especially when you consider that even in Cairo, using public buses is almost impossible. They are always clogged, go around somehow, and in the heat it is completely unbearable.

From Hurghada to other cities can be reached by plane, or by bus. Regular buses are somewhat different from our Russian – there is a toilet, air conditioning and video.

Daily Bus Schedule:

    • Hurghada – Luxor – 17.00, 21.00. Price $ 2-5. Drive 4-5 hours.
    • Luxor – Hurghada – 6.30, 10.30, 14.30, 19.00.
    • Hurghada – Cairo – 10.00, 13.00, 15.00, 21.30, 22.30, 23.00. The price is 8-12 dollars.

Drive almost 6 hours.

Minibus is the most convenient form of transport. These are minibuses like our UAZ. They will constantly stop next to you if you are moving in the direction of travel. Tip: go against the movement. In Egypt, the movement is right-hand, as in Russia. Travel to anywhere in Hurghada, regardless of distance, costs 1 pound. And no more. If you are called a price of 3 or 5 points, say that you live or work here and know the prices. When leaving, give one pound, it is best to do this through a window. In conflict situations, remind about the tourist police. When resolving the conflict is not in your favor, write down the number of the car and inform the police. Minibuses go without a schedule. One by one in the afternoon and ten minutes at night. If you pay for one in five pounds, remind the driver of the change.

A bicycle is the most convenient mode of transport, but not for women: they will laugh at you. It costs 2 dollars a day. But it’s dangerous on the roads. There are practically no rules. They drive at night with a high beam, everyone offers a ride, even if in the opposite direction. The roads are terrible. Every 30-50 meters – a speed bump. Buses bounce. If you are pregnant, try to demonstrate this before boarding the bus. For pregnant Egyptians are very careful. You will reach slowly, but safe and sound. And the biggest problem for people who come from Russia is to get used to the loud signals of cars. This is not prohibited here. Signaling around the clock.

Underground. The subway network is divided into three zones, the ticket must be saved until the end of the trip in order to be inserted into the checkpoint machine at the exit. The first three cars are for women only. The metro closes after midnight.

Railway transport. The road from Cairo to Alexandria is especially interesting for tourists. Trains with comfortable first-class compartments (air conditioning) pass it in about two hours. Tickets can be purchased the day before the trip at Ramses Station. Ticket price does not exceed $ 7. The route from Cairo via Luxor to Aswan is also popular among tourists. (Going on a trip does not stop to inquire about the situation in the areas of Upper Egypt, where the possibility of terrorist acts is not ruled out). Modern trains with sleeping cars depart from Cairo every day at 19 and 22 hours. According to the schedule, the train should arrive in Luxor in 11 hours and in Aswan in 15 hours. But the trains are often late. Tickets for a ride in a sleeping car must be ordered a week before departure at the Wagons Lits company office in the Ramses station premises (by phone: 02 / 75-35-55) or Isis-Travel (by telephone 02 / 3-48-55-92). A typical trip in the summer of 1994 cost about $ 90 (double coupe, dinner, breakfast).

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