About Egypt Egypt, the most dynamic and vibrant country in the world, is situated in the northeast part of the African continent. Egypt holds a unique position in the context of its rich culture and diversity from time immemorial. From the prehistoric period to the modern times, the country has gone through different phases. In

Generally There are some absolute prohibitions. You cannot take photos on a military base, for example. Take care as there are military aircraft at Luxor airport, so heed the ‘photography prohibited’ signs. In Luxor itself there has been no problem taking pictures outside, in a non-military environment. This used to include the outside of the

Major Cities and Towns in Aswan Aswan Daraw Idfu (Edfu) Kom Ombo About the Area (Aswan) Aswan Tours Egypt takes pleasure in an absolutely rich history along with a basic role in Egypt’s development.Remarkablely, there are hundreds of historical sites including Egypt’s most significate monuments. starting at Aswan,this area tend to stretch to south and

Things to do whilst in Egypt Most flights to Egypt land in the capital, Cairo, and it would be a mistake to overlook this fascinating city as a merely a launching pad to more exotic locations. Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world, yet has modernized in keeping with the progression of

Ancient Egyptian holidays were usually celebrated with festivals praising the sun gods, as Pharaohs and their people engaged in paganistic ritual that seems fascinating to the modern mind. Modern holidays in Egypt are very different, gone are the animal sacrifices, Pharaohs and sun worship, and in their place are pristine be.aches, bustling cities, marketplaces, and

The civilization of Ancient Egypt, perhaps the most famous and explored, but at the same time, probably the most mysterious – so far the history of Egypt contains many white spots and inaccuracies. But the more interesting it is to study it, to feel the breath of the ancient and mystical era. The flourishing Ancient

Aircraft – the most expensive, most uncomfortable, albeit the fastest mode of transport in Egypt. Approximate transfer prices between cities of Egypt by plane (in dollars): Cairo – Aswan = 200 Cairo-Aswan-Cairo = 400 Cairo – Luxor = 240 Cairo – Luxor – Cairo = 480 Aswan – Luxor = 200 Taxis are an expensive form of

The whole history of ancient Egypt is divided into periods: The pre-dynastic period The pre-dynastic period (until 3000 BC). The ancient kingdom (2900-2270 BC) – the era of the reign of I-VI dynasties. This is the time of the builders of the pyramids in Giza, the kings: Cheops (Khufu), Chefren (Hafra) and Mikerin (Menkaur), who

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