Best Sights To See in Egypt

The prices listed are typical standard prices charged by local agents, taken from their own printed price lists.

Prices vary not only according to local cost changes but also according to the current exchange rates, because some of the trips are paid by the agents to the operators in US dollars. The prices also vary between agents, even those with agencies next door to each other, so it is worth checking several lists for the best price.

You may be able to haggle down, especially if you do more than one trip, or if you are in a big group, or if you quote a competitor’s price.

There are local agents selling trips like these all over Luxor. There are several along the Corniche on both sides of the Old Winter Palace and there are more amongst the hotels on the south side of town. European Package tour companies sell similar trips, but usually at much higher prices. For more details about the agents selling these trips see the ‘Agents’ page.

Because the local agents tend to round the figures when converting between currencies, it may be cheaper to pay in £GB than to change money and pay in local currency.