Best Museums In Cairo Egypt
Best Museums In Cairo

Cairo Egypt Museums – Sometimes you want to spend the day browsing about museums. You can start by wandering about The Egyptian Museum, which is open from 9am-5pm daily. You can call the museum to find out if any special exhibitions are on the schedule by calling +20 2 579 6974. You may also want to check out The Military Museum, which can be enjoyed during the summer between 8am-5:30pm and during the winter season from 8am-4:30pm. Their phone number is +20 2 512 9619. Before you leave the city, don’t forget to include The Coptic Museum in your itinerary, which stays open between 8am-5pm daily and can be reached by calling +20 2 362 8766.

Coptic Museum

When you enjoy a day spent at this museum, you will have encountered the world’s largest collection of Coptic Christian artifacts. Before you leave, don’t forget to stop by the Nag Hammadi documents found on the top floor for a healthy dose of history.

Location: Mar Girgis Street, (Coptic Cairo Quarter)
Phone: +20 2 362 8766
Hours: 8am-5pm daily
Entry Fee: $2 per adult

Railway Museum

Take the time to enjoy this 70-year-old museum which is located adjacent to the city’s main railway station. You will have the pleasure of experiencing over 700 exhibits, including full-size trains and scale models of steam engine locomotives.

Location: Ramses Square
Phone: +20 2 576 3793
Hours: 8.30am-1pm Tue-Sun
Entry Fee: $2 per adult

Beit El-Sennari

When you come to this location, you will have the pleasure of viewing attractive handicrafts, from ceramics and glassware to carpets, as well as silk screens. Here you can gaze upon examples representing Pharonic times to the present day.

Location: 17 Harat Monge, off an-Nasiriyya Street
Hours: 9am-2pm Mon-Thu, Sat-Sun
Entry Fee: $2 per adult

Egyptian Museum

Not only will you find the tomb of French archaeologist, Auguste Mariette, in the museum’s garden, but also the world’s greatest collections of Egyptian artifacts. Head for the top floor, where you will find the impressive Mummy Room.

Location: Tahrir Square
Phone: +20 2 579 6974
Hours: 9am-5pm daily
Entry Fee: $2 per adult

Military Museum

Check out this war museum, where you can browse about plenty of ceremonial equipment and costumes. Here you will also find interesting life-size simulations of a few key Egyptian battles.

Location: Citadel Historic Area
Phone: +20 2 512 9619
Hours: Summer: 8am-5:30pm; winter: 8am-4:30pm
Entry Fee: $2 per adult

Abdeen Palace Museum

For those of you who can experience the realities of war, here you will find an extensive collection of knives, guns and cannons. There are plenty of weapons, as well as medals that were given to former royal family and Egyptian celebrities.

Location: Moustafa Abdel Raziq Street, off Abdeen Square
Phone: +20 2 391 0042
Hours: 10am-3pm Sat-Thu
Entry Fee: $2 per adult

Museum of Islamic Ceramics

Here you will find a priceless collection of Islamic ceramics. Some of these displays hails from Egypt, as well as Iran, Turkey and southern Spain. It is free to enjoy this experience.

Location: Prince Ibrahim’s Palace, (Behind Marriott Hotel)
Phone: +20 2 736 8672
Hours: 10am-1pm, 6pm-10pm Tue-Thu and Sat-Sun
Entry Fee: $2 per adult

Mashrabia Gallery

There are many fine exhibits to explore and admire which were created by local and foreign artists. If you are in town during the annual Cairo art festival, this is the place to check out while sightseeing.

Location: 8 Champollion St, (Off Tahrir Square)
Phone: +20 2 578 4494
Hours: 11am-8pm Sat-Thu
Entry Fee: $2 per adult