Aswan Travel Guide
Aswan travel guide

Major Cities and Towns in Aswan

  • Aswan
  • Daraw
  • Idfu (Edfu)
  • Kom Ombo

About the Area (Aswan)

Aswan Tours Egypt takes pleasure in an absolutely rich history along with a basic role in Egypt’s development.Remarkablely, there are hundreds of historical sites including Egypt’s most significate monuments. starting at Aswan,this area tend to stretch to south and still involves lake Nasser. Historical sites cloud be discovered in and almost about Aswan, in addition to south along with the coast of lake Nasser. Egypt Maps

Population of Aswan

  • Total population of Governorate 1,568,000 [source]
  • Male 50.20%
  • Female 49.80%


  • 26 hotels
  • 3,019 rooms

Worship Places

  • 991 mosques
  • 26 churches

How to get to Aswan

Aswan Tours

From outside Egypt

For international trips across Cairo and Luxor to Aswan and Abu Simbel. You can contact your travel agent for more details.

By rail: There are several fast, air-conditioned locomotives with a restaurant car bound for Aswan from Ramses Station in Cairo.

You can also travel to Aswan on land by bus or taxi from Ahmed Helmy Station, near Ramses Cruise Station in the Nile, with accommodation on the way, through your travel agent or Aswan Tourism Egypt.

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The southernbest town, as well as the third biggest, in Egypt is Aswan. It is often regarded the portal to Egypt from the African continent for hundreds of years. Additionally it is the positioning from which historical Egyptians obtained the massive amount granite utilized in their thunderous construction tasks, and after this is the only spot where are incomplete obelisk from the historical period can be heard.

As a way to take pleasure in Aswan excursions it is advisable to have some background information in the historical past of Egypt along with the position the town performed through the entire centuries of Pharaonic rule, and throughout the construction as well as finishing of the Aswan Dam.

The Nile serves as a significant attribute in the lifestyles of all Egyptians, both contemporary as well as ancient, and it has been a substantial aspect for the occupants of Aswan at the same time. It permitted the historic people to deliver their products downriver to the places where pharaohs were constructing temples in addition to ancient monuments, and it pressured the advancement of the inhabitants of the town when Lake Nasser was inundated throughout building of the Dam.

Abu Simbel

Nowadays numerous Aswan excursions experience the High Dam, but additionally many limited and one huge temple which were transferred once the waters endangered their lifestyle. Inside the city alone include the Philae along with Kalabsha Temples, relocated by UNESCO volunteers and professionals to greater ground. Both of them are historical buildings, with all the Philae Temple serving as the ultimate framework within the time-honored Egyptian style.

Nearly all Aswan excursions be certain of going to the different temple spared from devastation throughout the surging of Lake Nasser, that is certainly Abu Simbel. However this can be a small village beyond Aswan, it is typically one of many factors that guests go to the city. Abu Simbel consists of two popular temples which needed to be clipped, stone by stone, from their authentic places as well as rejuvinated at their completely new residences practically twenty-five years later. The truly amazing Temple of Ramesses II and also the Temple of Hathor are extremely acknowledged symbols of the historical Egyptian entire world. Perhaps surprisingly the fantastic Temple was initially positioned to serve a “solar” purpose and defensive function. Its utter size and impressiveness were designed to be a warning to any prospective intruders. Furthermore, twice yearly the sun permeated the key haven of the temple, departing just the statue of the god of the underworld, Ptah, in darkness. When rebuilding the temples, engineers guaranteed that such characteristics would certainly still perform and after this, on February as well as October 20 the sun’s rays nevertheless pierces the historical chamber!